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Corazon became inspired by the art of fire dancing in 1998 during a life changing adventure on the west coast. A founding member of the Illumination Fire Troupe and Spin Jam in Minneapolis Minnestoa, Corazon has traveled and performed for thousands all across the United States. Her fire troupe Illumination has opened for rock sensations ZZ Top, Toby Keith, Poison and has performed onstage with Papa Roach, The Neville Brothers and Wookiefoot. Connection to fire is what feeds my soul and life force. The ritual of fire dancing has brought me closer to the great spirit. . I have tremendous respect for the power and wisdom that fire holds.

Corazon has been director of Illumination Fire Troupe for 15 years. Fire Manipulation Devices are Poi, Fans, Fingers, Eating, Hooping, Fleshing, Staff and Fire Snow Boarding. (Not quite a pro yet…but we do have 7 months of winter here in Minnesota)

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