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Josarah Holm has been dancing and performing for over 14 years.  She studied mostly modern dance, with explorations in ballet, african dance,  jazz, tap and lyrical. Presently she has incorporated the art of fire dancing into her current repertoire. She has been manipulating fire for 8 years. Josarah’s many talents include but are not limited to: fire breathing, fire eating, fire fans, rope dart, hula hoop and a fire aerial hoop. Josarah has also been studying aerial for 5 years, she specializes in the lyra, or aerial hoop.  Josarah has performed onstage for thousands at the Buffalo Chip Campground, opening for such acts as ZZ Top, Toby Keith and Poison.  She also travels across the country performing at various renaissance and music festivals.  She is small, but mighty.  You better bring some ice, this girl is HOT!

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