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Lacey Bird


Lacey was born to perform.  From a very young age she has been captivated by the world of music and movement.  She feels most alive and productive when dance and acting projects are prominent aspects of her life.  Some of her current projects include fire dancing, performances as a marionette, taking a variety of dance classes, practicing and learning new ways to perform with fire, and working on costumes.

Since she started dance classes at the tiny age of three, she has performed in front of crowds young and old in a number of different settings.  Some of which have been schools, theaters, concerts, festivals, nightclubs, weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties and corporate events.  Some of her shows are put together with choreography and acting or freestyle movement to express herself as the moment unfolds.  She likes to work through a variety of characters such as and evil voodoo creature, a sexy vixen a circus style marionette, a playful alien fairy or a cheetah, just to name a few.  Some of her dance styles include ballet, jazz, hip hop, West African, modern, tap and swing.  Lacey can adapt to any kind of movement.

Lacey is always up for the challenge of learning a new role to broaden her horizons in the performance world and to grow as a person.  When she successfully accomplishes a performance she sees how it makes people happy which makes her feel AWESOME.

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